carol colson


Bloodline - The Legend of Windwalker

Reoccurring dreams of looming decisions plague Nhaya, and they bring her to the point where she is forced to make a choice for the direction of her life—but what direction to choose? She believes the answer she’s looking for lies hidden in the folds of her Nez Perce heritage. But since the death of her father, Nhaya’s mother has forbidden her to explore that path. When Nhaya escapes to Camp Cocolalla, in the mountains of Northern Idaho, she finds herself in the woods at night chased by an unseen danger while racing to save her sister’s life.

In defiance of her mother and going against all that she knows to be right and true, Nhaya pursues the truth hidden in her bloodline as she seeks the only person who can help her, the legendary shaman, WindWalker.